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How to Start a Live Your Calling Group

You have been created to discover and live your calling with others. God does not intend our journey through life to be a solo adventure. There is power in partnership! Therefore, we encourage you to go through the Live Your Calling book with a partner or small group. A group of 6-8 people is an optimal size for a Live Your Calling Group. The suggested length of time is 12 weeks, although a group can meet for a shorter or longer period of time.

Live Your Calling includes a detailed small group guide (see Appendix A of the book) that outlines each group session, so all you have to do is find one or more people who are interested in joining you in this exciting journey! A Live Your Calling Group will be of interest to people who want to:

  • Discover their unique God-given design;
  • Determine which direction to go with their lives;
  • Find their calling within work and/or ministry and service activities;
  • Build relationships with people who want to make the most of their lives;
  • Explore how their faith can be lived more fully in their day-to-day lives;
  • Experience the fulfilling life God created them to live!

Ideas for Finding Participants for a Live Your Calling Group:

  • Draw from your network of friends. Invite one or two of your friends to participate, and have each of them bring one or two friends.

  • Develop a group from an existing small group (church group, book group, parents from a “play group,” work group, etc.).

  • Create a flyer to post or distribute at places such as churches, bookstores, libraries, college campus career or student activities centers, children’s schools, lunch rooms at work, senior citizen centers, health clubs, or daycare centers.

  • Place a notice or “blurb” in a bulletin or newsletter for your church, work, school or community organization. Invite people to an informal meeting to discuss forming a Live Your Calling Group.

  • Send an invitation to friends, church acquaintances, colleagues from work, family members and others who you think might be interested. Invite them to an informal gathering to talk about forming a Live Your Calling Group.

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